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  • Shenzhen King Lion Limited

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Our factory has more than 100 workers include one professional design team and well-trained employees .We are specialized in the production of kinds of leather packing box, desk set, home decorations, cosmetic box, and some other related products, such as cup pads, desk pads, photo frames, magazine holders/baskets, storage boxes, tissue boxes, organizer sets, mirrors, trays, wine bottle racks, name card holder, menu cover and so on !

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  • How to choose a jewelry storage box and watch box that suits you?

    With the development of the times, many items now need to be packed in exquisite packaging boxes, which is equivalent to people’s faces. We need to choose the right item storage box and watch box. Let’s talk about it for everyone. So choose the jewelry storage box and watch box that suits you. Th...

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  • Environmentalism! 5 kinds of household garbage classification

    strategy Steps/Methods 1. In the case of sufficient room space, a sorting point can be set up in a special storage room. Choose reusable eco-friendly bags and plastic storage boxes for household classification. The ideal storage method can make your life appear more orderly. 2. Prepare a few more...

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