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  • Shenzhen King Lion Limited

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Our factory has more than 100 workers include one professional design team and well-trained employees .We are specialized in the production of kinds of leather packing box, desk set, home decorations, cosmetic box, and some other related products, such as cup pads, desk pads, photo frames, magazine holders/baskets, storage boxes, tissue boxes, organizer sets, mirrors, trays, wine bottle racks, name card holder, menu cover and so on !

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  • Instructions for using the jewelry box

    Ring Guards are specially designed to secure and protect your precious ring and usually consist of a set of flannel sponge guards. In addition to rings, use it for cufflinks or earrings. The earring mounting holes/earring mounting inserts are specially designed to secure and protect your earring ...

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  • Function and maintenance method of jewelry box

    A jewelry box is a box used to store jewelry. When people choose a jewelry box, they need to consider the function of the jewelry box, and they will also consider how the jewelry box should be maintained. Let us answer them for you today.  What is the function of the jewelry box 1. Jewelry boxes ...

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